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2018 Investment Outlook – Brazil

Over the past few years, Brazil has weathered significant social, political and economic shocks, driven by both internal and external factors. The slowing of China’s economy and the end of the global commodities “super-cycle” boom in 2012 hit Brazil’s terms of trade hard, causing its currency to depreciate by nearly 70% from 2012 through 2015.  Lower commodity prices also strained the government’s finances, curtailing spending and precipitating the end of former President Dilma’s populist rule in 2016. Business and consumer confidence collapsed as the country entered its deepest recession on record, contracting by more than 7% in real terms during the 2015-16 period.  Fixed investment slowed.  Unemployment increased to over 10%.  Inflation hit double-digits in 2015 as imported goods were suddenly more expensive in local currency. Local interest rates increased to 14.25%.  International newspapers predicted that the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio would be a bust and that a mosquito-borne virus would wreak havoc on the country.  The country’s highly unpopular President Dilma was impeached and removed from office in 2016.


Paladin Realty Expands its Latin America Management Team with Two New Hires in Los Angeles and Mexico City

Paladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today that it has hired Evan Pickering as Vice President and Josefina Anaya as a Senior Construction and Engineering Manager.  Mr. Pickering will focus on institutional client relations and reporting, based in Paladin Realty’s Los Angeles office.  Ms. Anaya will focus on the firm’s investments in Mexico and be based in Paladin Realty’s Mexico City office.


Brazil Political RIsk

A few weeks ago, on May 18th, as part of a plea bargain deal in Brazil’s on-going Lava Jato corruption probe, the head of international food giant JBS released audio tapes in which Brazilian President Temer allegedly condoned the payment of hush money to former speaker of the house, Eduardo Cunha.  The tapes would appear to implicate Temer in the far reaching political corruption scandals that have led to the removal and jailing of many high-ranking politicians and businessmen in Brazil. The Bovespa stock exchange dropped 10% the day the audio tapes were released, triggering circuit breakers halting all trading.  Brazil’s currency also dropped by about 10%.


Paladin Realty’s Brazil Office Adds Two New Professionals

Paladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today it has hired two additional investment professionals for its São Paulo office.  Bruno Coelho will join the firm as an Investment Manager and Valter Rabotzke as an Asset Manager.

“We’re very pleased to announce these new additions to our team, as they highlight the confidence we have in the Brazilian market going forward,” said Ricardo Raoul, Managing Director of Paladin Realty and head of its investment activities in Brazil. “As Brazil recovers from a deep recession, we’re seeing a lot of potential activity across both the residential and commercial real estate sectors.  Bruno and Valter will help Paladin take advantage of the opportunities presented by this market recovery on behalf of our institutional clients.”


Paladin Realty Honors the U.S. Election Year with a New Ad

We think Latin America has always been great.

Since 1998, Paladin Realty has been a leading institutional real estate investor in Brazil, Mexico and the Andean region, investing in $4 billion of real estate totaling over 20 million square feet and 32,000 residential units. Collectively, these countries represent a larger market than the U.S., with a population of over 400 million people. With strong demographic tailwinds, a huge regional housing deficit and some of the most attractive real estate economics in the world, Latin America remains poised to provide attractive diversification and risk-adjusted returns to any global investment portfolio…


Latin America Research: Currency Risk (Mid-year 2016)

Over the past five years, U.S. dollar-based investors in most emerging markets, including Latin America, have experienced substantial paper losses driven largely by a significant depreciation in local exchange rates. A natural reaction in the wake of such an event is to retreat and assume that the negative trends of the recent past will continue indefinitely into the future, regardless of the fundamentals. In doing so, investors would be committing a classic investment blunder – looking at the road ahead through the rearview mirror – at precisely the wrong time. Instead of looking backward, investors would be well advised today to adhere to three time-tested principles of prudent investing…


Paladin Realty Continues Expansion of its Investment Team with a New Hire in its Mexico City Office

Rcruz (250px)Paladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today it has hired  Rodrigo Cruz as Investment Manager in the firm’s Mexico City office. Mr. Cruz will be involved in acquisitions and asset management of Paladin Realty’s investments throughout Mexico.  “Rodrigo’s direct real estate experience in Mexico will enable him to be a great addition to our local team,” said Santiago Gil, Managing Director and Mexico Country Head…


Paladin Realty Announces New Joint Venture to Develop Low-Income Housing in São Paulo, Brazil

IZPPaladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today that it has completed an initial $6 million equity investment in the newly created homebuilding joint venture called IZP Empreendimentos e Participaçoes (“IZP”), focused on building low-income housing in São Paulo, Brazil.  This is Paladin Realty’s first partnership with local developer Idea Zarvos Planejamento Imobiliario, Ltda. (“Idea Zarvos), which is widely recognized, having won numerous awards for its innovative architecture during its 11 years of operations.  This new investment was made by Paladin Realty’s fifth pan-regional fund focused on Latin America, which has made other investments to date in Peru, Mexico and Brazil.  IZP’s initial plan is to develop the “Agisse” project, which is located in São Paulo’s Vila Madalena neighborhood and will consist of 300…


Paladin Realty Announces Palmax Joint Venture to Build Low-Income Housing in Bogota, Colombia

Palmax (250px height)Paladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today that it has completed a $9.0 million equity investment in Palmax, a new residential joint venture focused on building low-income housing in greater Bogota, Colombia. This is the firm’s first partnership with Organizacíon Constructora Construmax SAS (“Construmax”), an experienced local developer that has completed 89 projects…


Paladin Realty Expands its Management Team with New Hires in Bogota and São Paulo

bogota hiresPaladin Realty Partners, LLC, a leading real estate investment fund manager focused on Latin America, announced today it has continued building its investment team based in the region with the hiring of Felipe Godoy in São Paulo, Brazil and Laura Ramirez in Bogota, Colombia.  Felipe Godoy joins as an Investment Manager, where he will be involved in the acquisition and asset management of investments located in Brazil. Laura Ramirez joins as a Senior Financial Analyst where she will be involved in the…